Friday, 21 July 2017

Skip Off

Straight after the bell rang all the people came running outside their class and got a rope and started to line up in their class row for there skip off. The people that were in the skip off for room 10 is Fakaola, Me, Liza and Tristan. As soon as we lined up in our class rows for skipping we had to have our two feet's together and our ropes behind our feet to get ready to skip. After that Miss Riley the teacher in Room 9 said Ready Set Go then we started skipping. When I kept on skipping I felt really scared and nervous because I felt that I was going to lose but I came 4th place. The people that won third, second and was Meana came third, Fakaola came second and Limititi came first. Then lastly we had to put all our ropes away and went into class and Fakaola, Meana and Limititi had to take a photo for coming third place, second place and first place.

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