Tuesday, 27 March 2018

About Me! 🤩 😘

Hello and welcome back to 2018, it has been a long time since I've posted on my blog. I am going to talk about me being at school in 2018.

When school started I just found out that I'm a year 7 intermediate student, which makes me a senior at school. Before I started back to school, I thought to myself that a year 7 would be more harder, but it is quite easy. I also got along with two new students at school which was Storm and Robin. Also another thing at school is sometimes the year 7s and me get disconcerted because sometimes we don't listen, but it's alright because the year 8 students can help us get through with it.  My favourite thing about being in Room12 is  to play with my friends and do sports, but the worst thing in 2018 I don't like to do is work everyday.

 Another thing I like to do in 2018 is tournaments so I don't have to work at school. When I come to school I always feel awful because I get growled at by teachers mostly,  and from my teacher sometimes. I hope this year in 2018 I earn a good report and receive a better mark.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Going to the River talks

Yesterday we went to the River talks and I learned something new. I learned that if we chuck or leave rubbish in our community or properties then the river will get dirty and that will not be helpful. 

We also learned about plants, how they grow and how they live in nature, also arts. When you put rubbish in the river it becomes dirty. 

Now coming to the best thing that Iv'e seen is the Cook Island dance. It was my favourite part because they showed confidence, respect, and did their best. 

I hope you enjoy the river when you go to Pt. England reserve.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Mr Grundy's Metal Work

Today I  attended Mr Grundy's  Metal work with Mr Grundy with some of the St Pius students. We all first started with a google doc that had come through my mail sent by Mr Grundy, and our instruction was to write about 4 people and what they like. Then we presented a metal necklace to them.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Room 10 Syndicate Assembly

On Monday the 26th of February, Room 10 hosted a syndicate assembly. We listened to some students speak aloud in front of us which was quite boring because they were talking about notices, handing out certificates and other stuff. After that they had a dance battle competition which was my favourite part because the contestants were funny and I love to dance.

At first it was two students from Room 10 and two from Room 9, they were dancing to kriss kross which was pretty funny because Elemoni was doing silly dances. It was time for the teachers to vote and Room 10 won round 1.

After a while Room 10 students, and Room 12 students were dancing to Pump It. It made me laugh a lot because of Pupuke and Elemoni. They were making me laugh because they were doing cowboy dances. After round 2 the teachers voted. After the votes were counted up it turned out that Room 10 had won the competition, because their dances had earned most of the votes from the teachers.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Guess Who?

She has a habit of scaring people at night.
She has long dark black hair that's straight.
She wears a white dress.
She appears in the mirror at 12.00 clock.
She comes in some horror movies.
She haunts you.
She eats you.
Her skin is light white.
She is skinny.
People think she is from hell but she was born by her mother.
She let's her hair out every night.
She has big eyes and her eyes are colour black.
She has scary teethe that scares you.
She searches people in the middle of the dark.
People watch her on youtube.
Guess who I am?

Guess Who I Am?

He comes in movies that are scary like Gallows.
He is a boy.
He has green eyes.
He is a ghost.
He has rotten teeth.
He has yuck stuff on his face.
People play his name on a game with a paper and a pencil.
He has brown kind of short hair.
He is a skin colour of white.
He is on youtue.
Guess who?