Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Guess Who?

She has a habit of scaring people at night.
She has long dark black hair that's straight.
She wears a white dress.
She appears in the mirror at 12.00 clock.
She comes in some horror movies.
She haunts you.
She eats you.
Her skin is light white.
She is skinny.
People think she is from hell but she was born by her mother.
She let's her hair out every night.
She has big eyes and her eyes are colour black.
She has scary teethe that scares you.
She searches people in the middle of the dark.
People watch her on youtube.
Guess who I am?

Guess Who I Am?

He comes in movies that are scary like Gallows.
He is a boy.
He has green eyes.
He is a ghost.
He has rotten teeth.
He has yuck stuff on his face.
People play his name on a game with a paper and a pencil.
He has brown kind of short hair.
He is a skin colour of white.
He is on youtue.
Guess who?

Monday, 27 November 2017

Someone Invisible

She looks like a treasure to me because when I look at her she treats me like my mother.
She feels like gold which makes me steal her from everyone else.
She smells like red bright roses that make me happy when I feel sad.
She smells like my favourite perfume that makes me want to sit next to her. 
Lastly she sounds like my mum and dad being respectful.
What she does is wonder around like me sometimes and help people when she needs to. 
She will always love every single one of you if you see her.  
Her hair is all black and her eyebrows are always done. 
She has long legs like a deer but her legs a prettier. 
She always wears clothes that matches her every day and she has nice gold jewellery.

Guess who?

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Kutai Fritters

When I read my part of the story it was all about this boy called Maeva's his feet was burning on the sand so he went to the rock pool to cool down, after his family said to wait for them so they can go in together and swim.
My other part of the story is that Kalani wanted to stay at the beach but the rest of her family wanted to go home to eat the Kutai, and when they ate it they said it was juicy and it looked like a piece of pumpkin.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The Monster Birthday Party

1. What was the main idea? To share.
2. How many hard cake rock were there? 20
3. Who came to the birthday party? 8 people
4. Who's birthday was it? Birthday Monsters
5. How many guests were there? 8

Make A Volcano

First you will need:
1. Dirt or sand
2. A small container or an eggcup
3. Half a cup of vinegar
4. Half fill a cup of baking soda
5. Red food colouring

Step 1. Use sand or dirt to make a mountain.
Step 2. Make a crater in the top of the mountain using your own fingers. 
Step 3. Put a half fill of an eggcup or use a container with baking soda.Step 4. Place baking soda into the crater.
Step 5. Stir a few drops of red food colouring about half a cup. Pour the food colouring that was mixed over the baking soda.

After that pour it on top of the mountain.

Then it ERUPTS!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Making A Volcano

This is my group Goosebumps making a Volcano, what we did in the first instruction was to make a mountain with sand or dirt and we used dirt to make the mountain with a container in the middle of the dirt. After that we poured half a cup of baking soda in the container and then we brought a big container to pour in the vinegar and poured in a few drops of red food colouring. A meanwhile ago we tipped in the vinegar and the red food colouring then guessed what happened it EXPLODED YAY!!! When it exploded the vinegar and red food colouring was like the red lava.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Votes

I believe that Labour will run our government because labour is in the lead right now.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Book Report About Fish Drive

My Book Report is about the text "Fish Drive" and what I did is write facts about the story and 1 of the facts is that Young men would climb up the coconut tree and cut big bundles of palm fronds. When I wrote this book report I felt quite excited.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Before I go To Bed I See A...

There's a jingle in my jar
And rain on my shoe
There's a mat under my legs
And pain on my hands

There's kids on the road
And they are having fun
There's grass on the path
And people in the sun

There's lots of people at Burger King
And people playing basketball
There's trees at Ruapotaka
And badminton in the main hall

Asking Questions About Race You To Breakfast

Hi guys so today I am going to be asking 5 questions about this book today...

1. What does alarmed mean? Surprised

2. Where dd they go visit? They went to visit over Australia

3. What is the air balloon called? Envelope

4. What is the name of the pilot? Richard

5. what does billowing mean? Fill with air and swell outwards.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Reading About A Story Called Summing Up Dad

What my group and I read was "Summing Up Dad" with our teacher which was all about two kids saying that their own dad is kind of weird because he keeps on saying that he is a pirate, William Shakespeare, a famous French Mathematician and a terrible french man with a bad accent. It was about maths like measuring area and space.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Our Trip To The Zoo

When we arrived to the zoo by a bus Room 9, Room 10 and Room 7 hopped out of the bus and then we all got split up into our rooms.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Do You Even Know Why A Spider Makes A Web

Did you know that a spider makes a web to catch it's own insect.

Spiders makes a web with their own thread.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Can You Roar Like A Lion?

Can You Roar Like A Lion?

1 fact: Did you know that male lions only weigh about 200 kg and lioness weigh about 150 kg.

1 fact: Did you know that lions are related to tigers, leopards and cheetahs.

Do You Know What A Baby Horse Is Called?

 Do You Know What A Baby Horse Is Called?

1 fact: A baby horse is called a foal.

1 fact: If a baby horse gets born by their own mother they have long legs but if they are grown up like their mother and father their legs grow slowly and other animals body grow faster.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Welcome Back Everybody

Welcome back everybody to term 3 I hope you had fun and a good holiday, and I hope you read and did some learning in the holidays. My goal this term is to focus on reading and understand the main idea.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Skip Off

Straight after the bell rang all the people came running outside their class and got a rope and started to line up in their class row for there skip off. The people that were in the skip off for room 10 is Fakaola, Me, Liza and Tristan. As soon as we lined up in our class rows for skipping we had to have our two feet's together and our ropes behind our feet to get ready to skip. After that Miss Riley the teacher in Room 9 said Ready Set Go then we started skipping. When I kept on skipping I felt really scared and nervous because I felt that I was going to lose but I came 4th place. The people that won third, second and was Meana came third, Fakaola came second and Limititi came first. Then lastly we had to put all our ropes away and went into class and Fakaola, Meana and Limititi had to take a photo for coming third place, second place and first place.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Our Inquiry Topic About Tonga

For our Inquiry topic we are learning about Tonga so Miss Misela our teacher brought Traditional Tongan Food, some of room 10 brought some Traditional clothes from home and some of room 9 got split up so they had to join us. During our Inquiry Topic we had to get a plate, fork and a knife then we had to sit in our table groups. After that Miss Misela had to call each group to get 1 food at a time so we can taste it.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Kiwi Kids News- Make Matariki a holiday

Last week up and down the country people celebrated Matariki, the constellation rose on 25th June, beginning a month of celebration and recognition of the end of one year and the start of the next. It a chance to celebrate all that went on in the last year, to give thanks for food, family, friends and all that we have, and an opportunity to look ahead to all that next year will bring. But being so close to the Queen's birthday- for which New Zealanders get a day off- there are suggestions that there should be a public holiday to recognise such an important occasion, After all, the new year in January gets a public holiday.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Having Fun with St Kents

Today we had fun playing with St Kent's. We got split into 3 teams and each of the 3 teams went and played with St Kent's. My team played relays, touch and N ball. For N ball my team wore a red bib and the other team just wore their uniform. For me when I played N ball it felt fun, happy and I enjoyed it.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Dangerous Game

Spirit Animals read a play called A Dangerous Game. The main idea of the play was that First-aide didn't want pop, Julie, Nathan and other students to play rugby because he thought rugby was a bad sport so he just wanted them to do warm ups and fitness.

Monday, 5 June 2017

My BFF Dominic

We took a photo so we could remember our most brave member Dominic going to another school. As soon as we took it I felt like I was going to cry because he was my BFF out of the boys.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

How To Make A Cipher Wheel

For Spirit Animals we were making a cipher wheel and it said in the book that we needed scissors, stick tape, a ruler, a pen, a sheet of A4 paper and a cardboard tube at least 10 centimetres long (which is the wheel). After that it said to cut 4 long strips then grab small sticky tape then join them together. After that write a secret message and give it to a friend and they have to guess the secret message.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Learning about Tongan

This term our Inquiry topic was about Tonga. What I learned when I did my slide is that Tongan people wear Traditional clothes which the men's wear Tupenu which is similar to Sarong and women's wear a special clothing which is a Tapa. I just want to say thanks to Fakaola, Liza, Leanah and Sosuia.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Welcome Back To School

I am so happy that I am back to school because I really wanted to see my friends, teachers and principle. Even after the holiday coming back to school I think I need to learn more because I have been playing outside and playing on my iPad a lot! I hope that you had a great holiday and coming back to school.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Anzac Poem

What I did for my Cinquain Poem is that we had to describe the word Anzac in each of the 4 lines after the title. It was easy for me to write a Cinquain Poem.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Harry's War

We read Harry's War and the part that I read was about that the people that were trying to be soldiers. They were training so that they could prepare themselves to fight in war. Harry was a soldier in the story that went to training camp and fought in the first world war.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Having Our First Duffy Books In 2017

Before we got our Duffy Books we went to a Duffy Assembly and we saw Henry and Robert Rakete. Robert Rakete was talking about saving our books for our grandchildren, kids, nieces or nephews. After that teachers from each class had to pick one of their students to get a Duffy Book for reading and then they had to take a photo, then we had to walk back to our class rooms.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

How To Be Good Best Friend

We read an article called "How to be a dogs best friend". After we read that we decided to write our own procedures about how to do or be something. I did how to be a good best friend.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How To Make Milo

WALT write a successful procedure

Success Criteria:

I will state my goal in the beginning of my writing.

I will be able to write a successful procedure.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Finding China

We read an article called "Finding China". It was about a girl who travelled to China all on her own. She was from New Zealand and found the food to be very different. She ate a lot of vegetables and meat.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Whats The Time Mr wolf

During Maths time we were doing "Whats the time Mr Wolf". For me during maths time it was quite difficult. But I tried my hardest and was able to complete it.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Measure the time

What we did for maths is that we had to solve these problems by matching the time and what months are the books were made in. We did this kind of maths because it is a level six maths. My favourite part was solving all of them because it was fun for me to do it.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How To Do Procedural Writing

WALT write a successful procedure

Success Criteria:
I will state my goal in the beginning of my writing.

I will be able to write a successful procedure.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Swimming in the summer

When we go Swimming we have to practice freestyle, stream line, backstroke and kicking. For swimming this year it is hard for me to do this kind of stuff because sometimes I can't breathe for a long time or sometimes I get tired quickly.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Duffy Show

On Duffy Day all the students in each class walked to the multipurpose room and went and sat down in front. The show began and then we sang the Duffy song. After that they started to explain what they were going to do for the show and they said they were going to save the day. When it started Duffy was reading a book then he saw a super hero flying through the clouds.
Duffy and Global Girl were trying to make the flower seeds to help save the world so they started a science experiment. They made it by putting green food colouring in a bottle and mixing it with water then when the water started to come up it just looked like it was an exploding volcano. After that we sang the Duffy song then we asked some questions  about the  Duffy Show and then after that walked back to our class.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My learning goals for this term

This year for my goal is to encourage people,  if they need help and to show love to people when they are stuck on their work. My goals for maths is to do more than one strategy if their is a hard equation. I even want to learn my 6 to 12 times tables. For writing I have to add punctuation and to add more information so that my audience are interested and they can understand my writing and lastly for reading my goal is to understand the main text in the book and to read everyday at home and also to focus while while reading.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Our Clear Class Treaty

Hi my name is Mary-Ruth I am 10 years old and I am year 6, my favourite food is cake, ice cream, Ice Block Mac's, KFC and butter chicken. My favourite hobbies to do is play outside with my friends, play games, play on my iPad and spend time with my family. My favourite sport is Soccer, Basket ball, Rugby, Touch and Netball. My goal for this term is to help people with there work and encourage them if they don't know what to do, and to work in groups cooperatively. My favourite book is What Ever After All and Tom Gates. I go to Ruapotaka School and my favourite bad are Little Mix and Fifth Harmony because they sing my favourite songs.